This webpage is for my Computer Science 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. This class is difficult but is my favorite. I enjoy the subject of Computer Science and hope to learn more.

GITA 1 Projects

Goodbye Project

Date: 9/10/19

In this project, the word Goodbye changes into different languages from a push of a button. The flag changes to the current language as well.

About Project

Date: 9/11/19

In this project, we created an informational page about our make-believe companies.

Mailing Label Project

Date: 9/17/19

In this project, information is inputted from the user and formatted as a mailing label.

Car Rental Project

Date: 9/20/19

In this project, the cost of a car for the amonunt of miles driven is calculated. Other things like the average is calculated.

BMI Project

Date: 9/26/19

In this project, we calculate the BMI from the user.

Car Rental Upgrade Project

Date: 10/2/19

In this project, the user selects a car they would like and is told the cost of the car for the miles driven.

Test Score Project

Date: 10/4/19

In this project, two test scores are inputted and shows the user the higher test score and average.

Dice Project

Date: 10/11/19

In this project, the user rolls two dice and are told the sum of the two numbers in addition to how many times they have rolled that sum.

Craps Game Project

Date: 10/14/19

In this project, we made a copy of the Craps game which is playable.

T-Shirt Project

Date: 10/28/19

In this project, we create a T-Shirt company where the user customizes their own shirt.

Slot Machine Project

Date: 10/29/19

In this project, we create a slot machine where the user rolls for a set amount to try and win the jackpot.


Date: 11/12/19

In this project, we made the rock, paper, scissors game. It keeps tracks of the amount of wins for each user.

Fish 1

Date: 11/20/19

In this project, we made a picture of a fish randomly go right or left. The amount of times the fish hits either side of the tank is kept track.